Short Term Rehabilitation


1. Does Medicare pay for rehabilitation services?

Yes, Medicare pays for rehabilitation services if you have had a three-day-in-patient hospital stay or have been discharged from the hospital within the past thirty days following a three day in-patient stay. Your physician must order
rehabilitation services (i.e. Nursing Care, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, and/or Occupational Therapy.)

* Some Medicare Advantage plans do not require a three day inpatient hospital stay. 

2. Can a patient be admitted from home for rehabilitation?

Yes, a patient may be admitted from home for rehabilitation, but must be considered a private admission and must pay privately for his/her rehabilitation services unless he/she has had a three-day-in-patient hospital stay within the past 30 days. If the patient has had a 3 day in-patient stay in the hospital within the past 30 days, Medicare may pay for rehabilitative services.

* Some Medicare Advantage plans do not require a three day inpatient hospital stay.

3. What are visiting hours?

Visiting hours are not restricted. Visitors may visit at any time, but it is recommended that visitors refrain from visiting during hours when active
rehabilitation services are being rendered. Patients may coordinate with their Rehab Nurse to determine the best time for visitors to visit.

4. Can a patient see his/her primary care physician during their stay?

The primary physician will refer your rehabilitative care to. the physician who will be directing your care at the Rehab facility. Upon discharge from the Rehab facility, your primary physician will again assume responsibility for your care; 
however, if there is a need to see your primary physician while in the rehab
facility, a physician's order may be obtained for you to see your primary physician.

5. How often is therapy provided?

The type and frequency of therapy (i.e. Speech, Physical and/or Occupational Therapy) are provided according to your individual needs and physician orders. Therapies are offered up to seven days a week. 

6. Is there a designated rehabilitation unit or designated room?

Yes, there is a special rehabilitation unit with designated rooms equipped with many conveniences to ensure a comfortable stay while actively receiving and progressing toward your rehabilitative goals. 

7. Are there private rooms and baths?

Yes, there are private rooms with spacious baths to assist you in maintaining privacy and accommodating your individual life style and interests. 

8. What type of clothing should a patient wear?

Clothing is a personal preference; however it is recommended that you wear clothing that is comfortable (i.e. soft material with a gentle stretch while participating in extensive therapy. Night time wear or clothing that is difficult to put on or off should be avoided.

9. Is there a television in the room?

Yes, all rooms are equipped with wall mounted televisions, pillow speakers and a remote control. This service is available for your relaxation and convenience without an additional cost to you. 

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