Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of life and related healthcare services to our residents. To this end, White Oak Management, Inc. is committed to an exemplary level of professionalism - evidenced by our business ethics and the ongoing relationships with our residents, families, employees, local communities, and colleagues alike.

Compelled by this mission, we will use our abilities to enhance the dignity of our residents and pursue excellence through our holistic approach, providing spiritual and rehabilitative support with proven techniques that contribute to the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of all those entrusted to our care.

Our History

White Oak Management, Inc. was founded by Oliver Kent Cecil. Together with his wife Bettye, they created a family of dynamic and inviting homes for the aging population. White Oak Management has been a private, family-owned business specializing in quality, individually-directed care since 1964. White Oak of Spartanburg was the first location in what has expanded into an operation of 15 healthcare facilities in North and South Carolina. Each have Skilled Nursing Centers and provide Short-Term Rehabilitation. Four locations also have Independent Living Apartments, two have Assisted Living buildings, and one has a dedicated Memory Care unit.


Letter From The President


Thanks for stopping by to learn about White Oak. As president, I’m proud to lead a company that delivers skilled nursing and personal care. From our beginnings in the early 60’s, White Oak’s staff at each of our locations has dedicated themselves to providing compassion while performing their duties in skilled nursing care. My parents, who started White Oak, focused on building a foundation of care that continues to thrive and change with advancing knowledge of this specialized service.

We want each resident to maintain their privacy, independence and dignity as much as possible. Our staff members encourage residents to set realistic, yet optimistic goals regarding their rehabilitation and lifestyle. We genuinely want to enrich the life of each our residents. Every day brings new joys and challenges for all of us and we want to be sure each of our residents is honored with the love and respect they deserve.

If you’re seeking skilled nursing care, rehabilitation, assisted living or independent apartment living, let White Oak be your choice of care and peace of mind for you. It’s our honor to be here for you and your family at this significant time in your life.


Doug Cecil, President


Giving Back

We enjoy giving back to our communities. Each of our locations is involved in various organizations such as the Alzheimer’s Association, American Heart Association, Hospice and other groups whose work benefits our aging population.

Our residents enjoy getting involved along with us! They are encouraged to continue to be active participants in their communities.