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One Family, plenty of Options

Each White Oak long term skilled care community has its own personality. All provide long term as well as short term skilled care with a compassionate touch. Come take a tour. Check out the different specialties we offer. Because many of our White Oak communities have been around a while, cities and towns have literally grown up around us! Some are nestled in quiet residential neighborhoods not far from hospitals. Others may be just a stone’s throw away from one as part of a medical community.

The Perfect Size

Our White Oak communities are not huge, but they’re not small, either. And our residents and their families like it this way. We do, too! Our corporate home office located in Spartanburg, SC is “command central”. We provide every location immediate support and resources that smaller companies just can’t offer. As a closely-held family corporation, a conscious decision to maintain a personal connection to each location is paramount.

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