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Melissa Gilliam


Melissa earned her Bachelor's Degree at Clemson University. Upon graduation, she began her career as a Recreational Therapist at White Oak of Spartanburg in 2002. Approximately 2 years later, she became a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator and worked as the Administrator at White Oak of York.

In 2006, Melissa returned "home" as the Administrator of White Oak of Newberry. She currently serves on the SCHCA Board of Directors as the Chair-Elect. She is also an active member of the SCHCA DHECAdvisory and Education Committees. Melissa is passionate about providing quality rehabilitative and nursing services at White Oak of Newberry and values her career as one of her greatest blessings.

Provides exceptional care & love to the residents. Also makes visitors feel very welcome.
— My InnerView Resident & Family Satisfaction Survey